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The Puss in Boots

The Puss in Boots

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The Puss in Boots, a funny western not to be missed with your budding movie buff from 5 years old!

  • Focus on the faithful companion of Shrek, the Puss in Boots. Tell your little fan he will not see the famous green ogre since the story of this film runs well before their meeting. But with this animated western, he will know everything about the mischievous feline, his myth and his boots ...

What is the story ?

  • Accompanied by the beautiful and clever Kitty Paws Velvet and Humpty Alexandre Dumpty, true "brain" of the operation, the Puss in Boots must seize the famous Golden Egg Goose to save the city where he grew up. A journey rich in twists and turns.
  • By Chris Miller, 1:30, Dreamworks.
  • Where to find it?

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