Name Federico - Meaning of thumbs

Name Federico - Meaning of thumbs

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The name Federico comes from the terms "frido" and "rik" meaning "peace" and "king" respectively. It can therefore be interpreted in the sense of "protective king".


Spanish cyclist Federico Bahamontes, Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Franco-Polish composer Frédéric Chopin, French writer Frédéric Mistral.

Saint Frederick was the bishop of Utrecht in the ninth century. He allowed himself to denounce the shameful conduct of Judith, the wife of the Emperor Louis the Preux. Irritated by this humiliation, she did not hesitate to send two men to murder the holy man.

His character :

Federico likes things to change. He does not like routine and enjoys unforeseen situations. A man of action, he does not really know how to manage his time and lives in the moment. He prefers to improvise rather than predict. The little surprises of life fascinate him. Federico is able to appreciate each passing day. This philosophy "carpe diem" also allows him to avoid heartache. Thus, Federico is able to recover whatever the hazards of life. Thanks to all these qualities, it will be pleasant company and a real breath of fresh air for the most pessimistic.


Frederic, Federica, Fred, Freddie, Frederigo, Frederik, Rick, Rico, Fredrick, Fridrick, Friedrich and Friedrick.

His party :

The Federico are celebrated on July 18th.

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