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The intimate baby toilet

The intimate baby toilet

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Changing your baby is not enough ... before finding the happiness of a clean diaper, it is essential that he has the perfect buttocks and clean his genitals. Make this little toilet a great moment of intimacy.

Small clean buttocks

  • Once you have removed your baby's diaper, if he has released stool, use the front of the diaper to wipe the larger one, then fold it back. This plasticized cushion will protect the towel that covers the changing mat during his toilet.
  • Use a wipe or cotton swab moistened with water to wipe off any urine or stool. To avoid any risk of irritation or infection, always start by belly to go to the buttocks.
  • A little boy gets wet more often up to the belly button, or even higher, while the girls make "localized" pee. It's up to you to make for your boy a little toilet that goes up, that goes up ... and to think, when you put back the diaper, to direct his penis down.
  • Once this small "prewash" accomplished, the toilet can be more precise and effective.

Do not forget the little folds

  • Carefully clean with another damp cotton all the small folds of the groin and upper thighs by sliding from the inside to the outside, without touching the genitals of your baby. chubby, her buttocks retain moisture and dirt between their beads. Letting them accumulate could cause irritation.

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