Name Enos - Meaning and Origin

Name Enos - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Enos is an Italian name that derives from "Enosh", the name of a biblical figure. It means "man" in Hebrew.


Enos Abijah Mills was a naturalist and American settler who participated in the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Enos McLeod is a Jamaican singer. His most famous album is "The Genius of Enos".

Enos Slaughter was an American baseball player.

His character :

Enos's personality is dominated by two trends. On the one hand, he appears as someone calm, others he behaves extrovertly with a lot of passion. He is able to control his emotions in all circumstances and is recognizable by his voluntary attitude and his great motivation. In his work, he is both efficient and conscientious.


Enos, Enis, Emros, Ennos and Eros.

His party :

There is no date dedicated to Enos.

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