Name Emile - Meaning and origin

Name Emile - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Greek, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Emile is a male given name with a dual origin: Greek and Latin. The name often appears on the Latin inscriptions of the first centuries.
Emile comes from Latin aemulus resulting in "emulate" or "rival". It is also the name of an illustrious family from ancient Rome.
Emile is also inspired by the Greek term haimulos resulting in "obliging".


Emile Zola (1840-1902), French writer and journalist, the 8th President of the French Republic Emile Loubet or the philosopher Emile-Auguste Chartier.

St. Emile was martyred at Carthage.

His character :

Sensitive and emotional, Emile is a sincere boy who, under the influence of emotion, can become impulsive. This is the reason why he easily passes for a little choleric king. Basically it is not, it is about a whole and authentic child. Reacting to the quarter turn, Emile is a real battery. His hectic activity may seem limitless.

Intelligent, he knows how to allow himself a few moments of respite for a relaxing break to remake the world while dreaming. Ambitious and persevering, Emile invests body and soul in the pursuit of his dreams. It will not stop until they become reality. Being both cerebral and physical, Emile needs to live intensely these two facets of his personality for a real fulfillment. It is therefore strongly recommended to offer sports activities worthy of his boundless energy.


Emil, Emilio, Mel, Amilius, Millian, and Mil are all variants of the given name Emile.

His party :

Emile is celebrating May 22nd

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