Name Eileen - Meaning and origin

Name Eileen - Meaning and origin

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The name Eileen is derived from Helene and Adeline in Irish. In the Greek language, this name has its origins in the word "hêlê" which means "sunshine".


Eileen Davidson is an American actress.
Eileen Gray, Kathleen Eileen Moray of her real name, was a designer and architect of Irish descent (1878-1976).
Dame Eileen June Atkins was an actress and screenwriter of British origin.
The Eileen are celebrated at the same time as Saint Helena. Mother of Emperor Constantine, she is known to have discovered the holy relics of the Passion of Christ on the site of the Holy Sepulcher, under a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus.

His character :

Eileen is a lively and courageous girl. Very confident in her abilities, she longs for great things and does her best to achieve her goals. Active and dynamic, Eileen does not keep up. She needs to be busy all the time and she is a big curious and a jack of all trades who do not bother to deepen what she does. Appreciating the changes, she often goes from one subject to another, even if it is risky.


Helene, Helen, Helena, Helen, Ellen, Elena, Ilona, ​​Ielena and Adeline.

His party :

The Eileen are celebrated on August 18th.

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