Name Drake - Meaning of thumbs

Name Drake - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

The name Drake comes from the Germanic term "drakk" which means "serpent" or "dragon". It is mostly used as a surname.


Singer and rapper Drake (real name) Aubrey Drake Graham, Slovenian skier Drago Grubelnik, Slovenian ice hockey player Drago Mlinarec, Yugoslavian footballer Drago Vabec, Croatian handball player Drago Vuković.
The dragon was the figurehead of the drakkars. This name symbolizes the job of sailor. Thus, his patron saint is Nicolas de Myre. The latter was a bishop of Lycia in Anatolia. Saint Nicolas is famous for his charity and his fighting faith. He was present at the First Council of Nicaea in 325. Several miracles are attributed to him, including that of the multiplication of wheat and the rescue of sailors.

His character :

Drake is a reliable and generous person, never hesitating to help others. Intelligent and organized, he has a certain charisma. Yet it is a being apart, different from the common man. Drake loves science, new inventions and the paranormal. He is attracted by everything out of the ordinary. He thus enjoys a great intuition and an original sense of humor. Quick-witted, he loves challenges and puzzles. On the family side, he is attentive to the needs and feelings of his family. In friendship and love, he is generous and gives without counting.



His party :

The Drakes are celebrated on December 6th or May 9th

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