Name Delmar - Meaning and origin

Name Delmar - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name refers to an English surname which means "pond" or "sea".


Delmar Arnaud is an American rapper and producer known as Dat Nigga Daz in the world of showbiz.
Dr. Delmar Daniel specializes in the field of nutrition and post-depression obesity.

His character :

Delmar stands out for his keen sense of curiosity and observation. This character trait begins to manifest itself as a child and will grow stronger with age. Adult, he will do wonders in the world of science. He is superior in intelligence to ordinary mortals, and tends to fall back on himself and stay away from others. As he grows up, he will gain greater self-confidence and be less concerned with the opinions of others. This attitude will be the lever that will push him to take the path of professional success.
Although he does not have the beauty of Apollo, Delmar is still a charming and attractive man. Knowing to put his assets in value, he will be successful with the opposite sex. Of an indecisive nature, he will have trouble choosing the one that will share his life because of his internal fear of being rejected or betrayed.
Disciplined and conformist, Delmar is not one of those fleeing commitment. On the contrary, he seeks to prove his valor and bravery by launching into completely disinterested activities. The strength that emanates from this man of action inspires the respect and trust of his family.


The name Delmar has no derivatives.

His party :

No particular dates are attributed to Delmar in the calendar.

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