Cyndel Meaning - Origin and Names

Cyndel Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Germanic, Greek

Meaning of the name:

Cyndel is from the Greek Kunthia. In Greek mythology, this is the nickname given to the goddess Artemis. This name also originates in the Germanic Sind meaning "path".


Cindelle Bouard is one of the new generation of Modern'Jazz singers.
Cindelle Di Giovanni runs a fast food restaurant in the city of Perpignan.
Saint Adalsinde is the protector of the Cyndel. This nun of the eighth century was the abbess of the order Marchiennes in the north of France.

His character :

Quiet and discreet, Cyndel loves to surround herself with mystery. It is rare to hear him express his feelings or express his opinion. This is a defensive attitude she has acquired since her childhood because of her lack of self-confidence. Of a sensitive personality, Cyndel feels the constant need to be reassured with every action she undertakes. Yet this sweet and generous soul overflows with love and affection. With a strong maternal sense, she loves taking care of her loved ones.
This attitude may hinder his career, as his vulnerability does not go unnoticed by his competitors and superiors. Yet she lacks neither intelligence nor clairvoyance. The most malicious will not hesitate to seize his ideas at the slightest hesitation on his part.
Conscious of her beauty and her disarming charm, she seems more confident and more daring in her romantic relationships. Nevertheless, this inveterate conformist will marry soon enough and will blossom perfectly in the role of mother and wife.


Cyndelle, Cindelle, Cindel and Cindy.

His party :

Cyndel and its derivatives are in the spotlight on Christmas Day.

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