Name Claudy - Meaning and origin

Name Claudy - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

This name of Latin origin is the feminine form of Claude. It derives from the Latin word "claudius" which means "lame".


Claudy Franck Alamo is the widow of the famous singer of yéyés, a true idol during the 60s.

Claudie Haigneré is a French astronaut, scientist and politician famous for being the first French woman to have traveled in space. She is the president of Universcience in Paris.

The patron saint of the name Claudy and its derivatives is Saint Claude, contemporary of the seventh century. He lived in the monastery of Saint Oyend to devote himself to the Lord. He died on June 6, 703.

His character :

Claudy is appreciated for her nice and dynamic side. It is an accessible person who communicates easily with others. Extraversion is one of the hallmarks of his personality. Nevertheless, Claudy conveys an original style that sets her apart from others. From the outside, she is perceived as a reassuring person, strong and confident in her abilities. This aspect must nevertheless be relativized since Claudy also has its share of weaknesses. Internally, she is both fragile and vulnerable. His main strength lies in his command of communication and his ability to persuade his interlocutor. Claudy enjoys savoring the pleasures of life. She is always enthusiastic. She relies on her charm to seduce and amuse those around her. In her life, Claudy is also guided by her great sensitivity and her imaginative side that push her to constantly seek contact with others.


Claude, Cladie, Clady, Clair, Claire, Claire-agnès and Claire-alice

His party :

The Claudy are celebrated on February 15th or June 6th.

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