Name Borg - Meaning and origin

Name Borg - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Germanic language, the name Borg means "village".


Anders Borg is a Swedish politician. Joe Borg is a politician of Maltese origin.
Björn Borg is a tennis player of Swedish origin.
Björn Borg is a Swedish swimmer.
Kim Borg is a Finnish opera singer.

His character :

Borg is a boy with a very developed sense of observation. Intelligent and thoughtful, he takes his time before opting for any decision. In his appearance as a well-made boy and quick-witted, he is in fact hiding a sensitive and timid being, cruelly lacking in self-confidence. By constantly taking his time before acting, Borg ends up becoming introverted and gradually withdraws into himself. His wary and cautious side may eventually curb him, because he will have a clear tendency to stop and to postpone everything in case of doubts. Scrupulous and rigid, Borg is firmly committed to his principles. Having a manichean vision of life, he does not know a happy medium and does not compromise. If he had to say no to his convictions, he would plunge into a state of unhealthy shyness. When his emotions take over his reason, Borg can act inconsistently. Being a rational being, he finds it difficult to balance things between feelings and reason. He can only think fully when surrounded by family and friends.


There is no derivative name Borg.

His party :

There is no party for people named Borg.

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