Name Billie - Meaning and origin

Name Billie - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Billie is a feminine given name of Germanic origin.

Billie is derived from the name Guillaume coming from the germain wil and helm meaning respectively "will and helmet".


Billie Dove, American actress (1903-1997), Billie Holiday aka Lady Day, American jazz singer (1915-1959).

The name Billie is celebrated in memory of William. Nephew of Peter the Hermit who preached the first crusade, William gave up his career and his fortune to become a monk. He was appointed abbot of several monasteries because of his fame and holiness. Guillaume was called to take the charge of bishop in Bourges in 1200. Excellent bishop, he was chosen by the University of Paris as protector, then died on January 10, 1209.

His character :

Billie is emotional, but always keeps her cool. Entrepreneur, dynamic and active, she often volunteers in class and is distinguished by her great capacity for work. She will grow up as a hard worker. Her charm leaves no one indifferent, Billie is also a born charmer. Even his classmates will not be able to challenge his undeniable charm. Her sincerity is also highly appreciated, although she is a little heart of artichoke. Pretty flexible, Billie adapts deftly according to the circumstances. His sociability will have to be encouraged. She will thus implement her taste for sharing and exchange. Billie being responsible from an early age, her parents would benefit from giving her some freedom. She will thus fully benefit from her childhood and will find her balance alone.


Billy is Billie's male counterpart.

His party :

The name Billie is celebrated on January 10th

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