Name Antonina - Meaning and origin

Name Antonina - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Antonina is the feminine form of the name Antonius and all its derivatives. The exact origin of the Latin name remains unknown, but today Antonina means "inestimable".


Polish singer Antonina Krzyszton and world-renowned soprano Antonina Chekhovskaya.

Bulgarian volleyball player Antonina Zetov and Soviet canoe-kayak champions Antonina Seredina and Antonina Melnikova.

His character :

Antonina especially marks the spirits by a certain difficulty in keeping her cool. Lively and nervous, she is quite emotional and sometimes tends to get carried away by anger. Intuitive and introverted, she is also curious and can be determined when something pleases her. Her temperament is certainly sometimes difficult to manage, but you will have a girl brimming with life. Your mission will be to channel this overflow of energy.


Antoinetta, Antoinette, Antonine, Antoniya, Antonija, Antonetta, Antonia, Antonie and Antonietta.

His party :

May 2 is the day dedicated to the Antonina.

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