The princess panoply

The princess panoply

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Dress up as a princess ... the dream for every little girl. Discover quickly the explanations of this panoply of princess. A diy from Marie Gervais' book "Children's Set" (Tutti frutti edition).

The panoply of princess (12 pics)

A scepter and a crown ... of princess

Difficult, as a parent, to curb the ambition of a little girl to become a princess, who will marry later with a prince charming ... Here is an ideal disguise for your priority to you!

The scepter

Colorful fabrics
Felt in two different colors
Ribbons and thongs of fabrics of various lengths
A Chinese baguette
A glue gun (or fabric glue)

The boss of the scepter

Download the boss by clicking here.


The scepter

Repeat the pattern Scepter A twice on the felt and cut them leaving a margin of 1 cm.
Repeat it twice on a colored cloth and cut them on the plot.
Carry the pattern Scepter B on the felt and cut it leaving a margin of 1 cm, and on the other colored fabric, by cutting it on the plot.

The scepter

Place the fabric Scepter A piece on the felt Scepter A piece and sew the satin stitch tight. Place the fabric Scepter B piece on a felt Scepter B piece, and sew with the satin stitch tight.
Place the Scepter B assembly on the Scepter A assembly, upside down, and stitch the center of the heart in a straight stitch pattern. Then put this book on the other piece Scepter A in felt, insert your ribbons and strips of fabric between the two thicknesses by returning them on 5 mm. Sew leaving 3 cm opening at the bottom, as indicated on the pattern.

The scepter

Cut into the other colored felt a strip of 26 x 4 cm (adjust the length of your baguette). Glue the strip of felt and wrap it around the wand. Sew by hand or glue the end of a ribbon in the middle of the wand, wrap it to the bottom and sew or glue the other end.
Coat the opening and inside of the scepter with glue, insert the wand and hold it closed while tightening well.

The crown

Falling colored fabrics

The patron of the crown

Download the boss by clicking here.


The crown

Fold your felt in half, transfer the pattern and cut the two layers on the pattern.
Cut out a circle of 4 cm diameter in your colored fabric.
Sew the circle in the center of a crown piece. Sew a nice button in the center of the circle and 4 buttons on the crown, as shown in the photo.
Sew along the base of the crown piece a fancy ribbon.
Cut out a 55 x 2 cm strip in the felt (remember to adapt the length to your child's head circumference). Place your two pieces Crown upside down, taking the band between the two layers, along the base.

The crown

Stitch and sew the three pieces together. Sew the two crown pieces together, 0.2 cm from the edge. To decorate, you can topstitch a second line, 0.2 cm from the first.
Sew a nice ribbon along the entire length of the band, starting and ending 5 cm from the ends. Sew a length of Velcro at each end.

The crown

You can also make another model ... in blue with stars for example. Let your imagination.

To read

Find other disguise ideas in Marie Gervais' book.

Sets for children (Tutti Frutti edition)

Photos: Virginie Devaux


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