Name Abdeljalil - Meaning and origin

Name Abdeljalil - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Abdeljalil is composed of the names Abdel which means "servant of God" and "Jalil" which means "who is big". We can translate the name Abdeljalil as "the servant of the majestic".


Abdeljalil Boumehdi is a champion of Moroccan origin specializing in Greco-Roman wrestling.
Abdeljalil Hadda is a former football player of Moroccan origin.

His character :

Abdeljalil is a spiritual boy and peace-loving. Always looking for calm and stability, he hates all forms of conflict, whether in his family or in his entourage. In life, he is an ambitious person. Nothing is good enough for him, and he is always looking for the best. He is quite materialistic and does everything he can to succeed in life and to ensure his financial security. Although Abdeljalil shows a certain selfishness, he is also known for his benevolence. Sweet and generous, he enjoys being involved in social or humanitarian activities to help other people. His selflessness has no limit, and he is ready to help all those who come to him. Abdeljalil is a born leader. With an extraordinary charisma, he knows how to gain the upper hand over others and how to enforce his opinions without having to raise his voice or fight. Showing both gentleness and firmness, he attaches great importance to the tasks entrusted to him. Conscientious and scrupulous, he puts a point of honor has carried out all the projects entrusted to him.


There is no derivative with the name Abdeljalil.

His party :

There is no party for people named Abdeljalil.

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