Name Aaricia - Meaning and origin

Name Aaricia - Meaning and origin

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The name Aaricia, of Scandinavian origin, means proud, distinguished, noble and princess.
Derived from the first name Aricie, we can associate it with the Greek "aristos" which translates as "better".


Aaricia is the name of a character from the famous series of comics "Thorgal" (Jean Van Hamme). This Viking princess is the wife and great love of Thorgal hero Aegirsson.
In Greek mythology, Aricie is a princess of the city of Athens and wife of Hippolytus. His story is told in the work entitled "Phèdre" by Jean Racine.
A future princess your beauty?

His character :

Main asset of Aaricia? A great power of seduction ... Endowed with great wisdom, they also overflow with affection and prove to be exceptional mothers.


Aricia, Aricie

His party :

August 31 with Aristide.

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