Christmas bonus: she's coming!

Christmas bonus: she's coming!

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Since 1988, this premium has been paid to the poorest households to give a boost before the holidays. This year, she celebrates her 20 years will be paid from 14 December 2018. How to benefit? What amount? We tell you everything.

Christmas bonus, what is it and who is concerned?

  • This bonus has been granted since 1998 to the most modest families who received in November and December 2018: the RSA (active solidarity income), the ASS (specific solidarity allowance), the AER (pension equivalent allowance), the PTS (transitional solidarity bonus) or the monthly lump sum bonus of resumption of activity. This represents 2.5 million French people this year.

What steps to obtain it?

  • This premium is automatically paid to the beneficiaries by CAF or Pôle emploi, without any steps to be taken. In 2018, payment will be made from 14 December.

How much for the Christmas bonus in 2018?

  • This year again, as since 2015, the premium has not been revalued. Its amount remains unchanged. It is the CAF that calculates the amount of the premium according to the family situation. Only one Christmas bonus is paid per household.

Amounts 2018:

For a single person:152,45 €
For a childless couple or a person and a child:                228,67 €           
For a couple with 1 child or a person with two children: 274,41€
For a couple with 2 children:320,14 € 
Single person with 3 children: 335,39 €
For a couple with 3 children:381,12 € 
Single person with 4 children:396,37 €
For a couple with 4 children:442,10 € 
Single person with 5 children: 457,35 €
Per additional child:60,98 €