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Lice: phyto, homeo ... nature remedies

Lice: phyto, homeo ... nature remedies

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To cling to the hair of your children, these little animals have more than one trick in their bag. To great evils the great means ... natural! Herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage or nutrition ... try these 4 effective remedies to get rid of lice.

Lice: the nutrition reflex

  • Food side, use vitamin B in all its forms to strengthen the scalp and reduce the proliferation of lice. Vitamin B, present in the blood, is a repellent against insects of all kinds, including lice.
  • The best supplier of vitamin B is the brewer's yeast: it contains five to ten times more than other foods. For example, sprinkle a teaspoon of sparkling beer yeast in your child's compotes or dairy products.
  • In addition to this contribution, in the preparation of your meals, consider offal, muesli-type cereals, fish, potatoes, wholegrain rice, carrots, peas, spinach and green beans.


If your child does not like the taste of brewer's yeast, mix it in a vegetable soup.

Lice: the phyto reflex

  • Before buying pharmaceutical products, choose natural remedies that are just as effective and less corrosive, especially if your child has breathing problems.
  • To eliminate nits and lice, nothing like a mask with green clay and lavender essential oil, a true anti-lice repellent. To do this, mix organic green clay with a little water until you get a thick enough paste, then add ten drops of lavender essential oil.

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