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Dental push: what are the signs?

Dental push: what are the signs?

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Your baby's cheeks on fire, loose stools, red buttocks, runny nose for several days ... these are the signs of teething. Explanations and tips to relieve it.

It hurts the gum

  • If your toddler is in pain, his gum is probably swollen. To make sure, put your finger on it with a small compress slightly wet. A gesture that you can repeat once the tooth out to prepare your child for the use of the toothbrush. The pain he feels takes place before the breakthrough: the pushing tooth distends the gum and compresses the nerve endings.
  • What has to be done. To relieve him, give him to nibble a plastic teething ring, taken out of the freezer. The cold retracts the blood vessels dilated by inflammation. You can also apply gingival balm to your gums with a clean finger. Finally, paracetamol will calm the pain and drop the fever that accompanies it.

His stools are soft and he has red buttocks

  • These two symptoms are often linked. During a dental flare, your baby is not feeding as before because of the discomfort felt. In addition, lack of appetite is likely to lead to dehydration. These mild disorders are often the cause of loose stools and sometimes even diarrhea whose acidity irritates the skin of your toddler.
  • What has to be done. Give it often to drink, especially in case of loose stools, but also systematically during the dental flare. Replace vegetables with rice and carrot puree until normal stools return. For red buttocks, the application of a protective and healing ointment will calm the irritation.

He has a cold

  • The runny nose is often part of the symptoms of dental flare. If this is a simple cold, the main thing is to avoid superinfection of the sinuses, respiratory tract or ears of your toddler.
  • What has to be done. Clean your nose every day with saline and clear it regularly with a baby-fly. If the cold continues, it is best to consult your doctor.

Marie-Victoire Garcia with Dr. Catherine Artaud, pedodontist.

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