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Why not frozen?

Why not frozen?

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Practical frozen foods are also very well adapted to the taste and appetite of the little ones. At the time of diversification, do not hesitate to put them on the menu of your baby.

Frozen? Fruits and vegetables with even more vitamins

  • Selected at maturity, the fruits and vegetables are immediately harvestedthen frozen after being sorted, cleaned and blanched (a few minutes in very hot water then cooled). They retain more nutritional qualities and vitamins than their fresh counterparts, which can lose up to 15% of vitamin C per day at room temperature.

Ultra-fresh meat and fish

  • Fragile, seafood is frozen (frozen at a very low temperature), sometimes on fishing boats, after sorting, cleaning, evisceration and filleting operations. As for the meat, it is the subject of adapted cuts according to whether it is pork, poultry or beef. The optimum quality of freshness is preserved by freezing.

Frozen but which ones?

  • Choose vegetables "nature"that is to say without addition of salt or fat. Wait before you put on the menu prepared dishes, usually too greasy and too seasoned. Prefer chicken breasts or breaded fish.

Other advantages

  • Thanks to the packaging of some frozen (peeled vegetables, for example), it is possible to take small amounts for children. In addition, frozen fruits and vegetables can be eaten in any season. A good way to vary the diet of your little one and make him discover new tastes all year round.
  • Finally, think about yourself : with the frozen ones, goodbye the chore of peeling!

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To preserve the benefits of frozen foods, never break the cold chain, do not refreeze a thawed product.

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