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Why he loves to call?

Why he loves to call?

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Whether it's the toy, your laptop or the home phone, the phone fascinates your child. "Dring, beep, hello ...", but why such an attraction? The explanations and advice of our specialists.

The phone, a must-have toy?

  • Barely invented, at the end of the 19th century, the phone is already imitated in a toy version for children. From the wheeled model with spring wire, we went to versions modeled on laptops. Illuminated keys, messages, melodies ... Real space stations at your fingertips!

At what age a first phone?

  • There are models for babies from 8-12 months. "At this age, toddlers refine their ability to grip, they play more and more syllables and begin to show their desire to imitate parents," says Etty Buzyn, clinical psychologist. The phone can, thus, be a good support of enlightenment.

Telephone: which model to choose?

  • The nostalgic and fierce proponents of motor development tend to find that the "old-fashioned" version with base and handset is richer because it causes more manipulation. Advocates of the imitation function prefer phones that are more faithful to the model that parents have.

And what do babies think?

  • Before 1 year, whatever the chosen version, they have fun especially with the keys, different materials, lights ... as with any other interactive learning toy. And if they mimic a phone conversation, it can be with anything else than their real-fake device. Some take the pose very early, bend in the air by wearing in their ears a blanket, a calculator, a spoon ... What makes Isabelle Barbier, Speech-Language Pathologist, that there is really no urgency to their buy their first phone. And if you fall apart, what does it matter!

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