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Why is he so clumsy?

Why is he so clumsy?

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Damn, my ice cream! Thin, mom's vase! Ouch, the walk ... decidedly, your child chained clumsiness. These signs may announce a slight delay in his psychomotor development.

How is his clumsiness manifested

  • "He has two left hands"This is an expression you often hear about your child. He drops the dishes on the floor, systematically inverting his tray ...
  • he bangs everywhere, often misses the steps of the stairs and is not very clever when it comes to putting on his jacket or making his shoe laces.
  • He is not very good at drawing and no one wants him to replace the goal of the football team. His friends often make fun of him and leave him a little out of the way.

He is clumsy ? Do not dramatize

  • His body is still developing and it is a little early to dramatize his clumsy gestures ... Especially if you are alone in noticing them. It is possible that his blunders are obvious to you and that you are tired of always going behind him to repair them.
  • Your attitude may not be trivial. Ask yourself what you call "clumsiness". How do you react when he breaks a dish? Do you make it all a drama or, on the contrary, do you take the incident lightly?
  • It's a rash? He is not afraid of anything and it is a quality... who can do damage! To make a mistake, to drop an object, it is also a way of learning. Do not be too harsh and let him do experiments that will help him control his actions.
  • His clumsiness may be fleeting. She may manifest an anxiety related to a situation that make her lose her bearings during a certain period: a move, a death, a birth ...

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