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Help him discover winter

Help him discover winter

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The snow falling and rolled into a ball, the well-deserved hot chocolate, the crackling fire, the melancholic tales ... Winter is strong in wonderful sensations for your little one. Teach him to appreciate it.

Taste the joys of snow

  • Or ? Warm at home first! Your toddler is waiting for it so impatiently! He needs to dream. Glue your nose together at the window (this makes steam on the glass, wow!) And rejoice in the first flakes. Open a minute. Show him "the little white stars", so light and melting on his skin. "Look there are all sizes, the flakes must be big enough to create a beautiful coat in the garden or on the sidewalk ..."
  • Difficult for him to wait and he may be disappointed if the snow is not there ... Explain that it will only fall if the temperature drops sharply below zero. The water droplets of the clouds then turn into thin ice needles. By meeting a dust, a grain of sand, they form crystals, small stars that agglutinate and create light flakes like feathers. That's it, it's snowing? Direction the square, the garden, the countryside. What happiness!
  • We make a snowman ! It's so interesting for him to observe that a small rolling ball is getting bigger and bigger. Teach him to solidify the base. Then compose another smaller ball for the head. Looking together what could make beautiful eyes (chestnuts, pebbles, pine cones?), A nose (carrot, you have not forgotten anyway?), Etc. Your child will be hilarious if you put your hat on top.

Click here to discover together the video "Learn winter with Pinpin and Lili"

Observe bare trees

  • Or ? In the garden or in the countryside, watch these funny skeletons together. Some have thick branches, others are bent by the wind. Explain to your child that the tree is resting, but that its roots draw water from the soil: "Like you, it will have a lot of energy in the spring." Show him the different trunks, there are some so big, like the plane tree or chestnut tree, that your little one's arms can not even go around! On the other hand, this birch is well entwined ... Teach him to look beyond ... to imagine: "You see in this hole hibernate surely a small animal.He just has enough fat reserve for winter Chuuuttt, we let him sleep ... "

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