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Little Marmot

Little Marmot

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This December evening, Santa Claus is coming down the sledge ... a Christmas story written by Stéphane Daniel and told by Pierre Richard. Let's go see what Little Marmot does ...

  • This December evening, Santa Claus comes down the sledge. The boots planted in the powder, he read again smiling the letter sent to him by Little Marmot.
  • - Always the same, she asks me every time the same gift: an alarm clock. So she needs so much sleep! All because his friends claim it to play in the snow!
  • Without noise, Santa Claus enters and discovers her, asleep. In her sleep, she looks so happy! He looks around and can not help but burst out laughing! The room is filled with alarm clocks. There are all kinds, mechanical, bright, tiny, gigantic equipped with two bells, and even a cuckoo clock.
  • Moreover, at the first stroke of midnight, the cuckoo comes out of his box.
  • - Hello ! Hello ! he exclaims, looking furious.
  • Santa watches Little Marmot who has not moved an eyelash. He takes the gift he has for him from his basket, takes off the wrapping and places a new alarm clock next to her. But his dial is a bit special. In place of the usual figures, there are the twelve months of the year. He sets the ringtone on the month of April.
  • - Sleep, Little Marmot. You will celebrate Christmas in the spring, and it is in the grass that you will play with your friends. The snow will have melted, but they will always be there!

By Stéphane Daniel.

I listen to the story told by Pierre Richard

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