Pebble painting: 10 ideas to follow

Pebble painting: 10 ideas to follow

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Pick up pebbles ... your children are probably experts! And if you offered them to give a second life to their findings by painting them? Everything is a matter of imagination, and we give you a boost of inspiration with these ideas "picked up" on Pinterest!

What to do with these works of art? A clipboard, a door locker, a decoration for the table, the garden or flowerpots, a gift for his parents or friends and, very cute, if you have a lot, a little wall to delimit a corner of the garden. It is possible to buy small stickers magnets to stick on the back of the rollers ... and here are pretty magnets! Good diy!

For the preparation of your pebbles and the realistaion of these crafts, see our article Pebble painting workshop

Pebble painting: 10 ideas to follow (10 photos)

Idea that rolls

This is an idea that feels good holidays and gives ideas for travel, right? Pinterest

Not so fast!

This caterpillar is not likely to run in English ... it is made with pebbles painted and glued and small branches for antennas. Pinterest

It's played well

Playing dominoes is fun ... but even better when you made his own pieces. Pinterest

Funny critters

Paint and moving eyes ... and here are fascinating marine creatures! Pinterest

Not even afraid !

Ninja turtles that will please your little fans! Pinterest

For budding lovers

Nothing like declaring his love! Pinterest

Heads of rascals

Your biggest desire to have fun? Here are ideas to decline with all his favorite characters. Pinterest

Unicorn fans?

If you have grandchildren who love unicorn, this idea is for them. Magical ! Pinterest

Basket of ideas

Here is a basket filled with fruits and vegetables in trompe l'oeil that it is better not to eat! An idea to decorate the garden of grandpa? Pinterest

What a family !

A gift idea for parents returning from holidays? Maybe dad can put them on his desk ... Pinterest