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We'll see a good old movie

We'll see a good old movie

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During the holidays, why not go see an old movie, even if it's a bit confusing? An animated short film from the 1930s or a black and white film by Jacques Tati. After all, our aspiring movie buff is curious about everything! On the way to ... (News from 27 and 28/07/2009)

La Rochelle International Film Festival

The holidays start well! Until July 6th, the 37th La Rochelle International Film Festival is taking place. An important cinematographic event that does not forget its young audience.

Ladislas Starewitch is in the spotlight! The films of this pioneer of animated cinema, inventor and handyman unparalleled, will seduce our little cinephiles. In the program :

  • From 2 years, small films of fifteen minutes not more like: In the classroom with a chub, a little bear too serious who is punished by two dunces! or Fetish conjurer and Boreal carousel who always put the animal in the limelight!
  • From 5 years old: Cine concerts with animated films, from Ladislas Starewitch always! but accompanied live by a pianist ...
  • And another series of movies for the older ones. The best known of the filmmaker is The Fox novel. This mischievous and cunning gossip rascal is doing his best, deceiving and robbing all animals.

To have the children's program of the Festival, click here.

The holidays of Monsieur Hulot Jacques Tati, restored of course!

  • We can find that the whimsical story of this Mr. Hulot who landed in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, a small seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, has aged ... These movements of surf, these summerers who are coming and going, it is of another time ... But some children love the visual gags! Especially if you too, his dad his mom, laugh at Mr. Hulot's scary car, the gust of wind that lifts everything in its path, the waiter bar softened ... From 6 years old. Release at the cinema on July 1st.
  • To see also for the little fans, an exhibition Jacques Tati. With games, puzzles to discover while having fun this eccentric filmmaker. Until August 2nd. Information: 01 71 19 33 33

Agnes Barboux