We disguise !

We disguise !

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Nothing is easier than to create a disguise! It's not the editorial moms who will say the opposite. Discover some of our creations for our children's carnival ... and take inspiration from our ideas to create your own.

All our disguise ideas

We disguise ! (8 photos)

The fly (Joyce)

You need: an old tights, wire, ping-pong, cardboard, string, black paint, a big pair of sunglasses, decorative deco patterns.
Twist the pantyhose legs around the wire to make the antennas. Fix a ping-pong ball at the end, it's more fun!
Have your child put on a black outfit (a t-shirt, tights, or black sweatpants and black ... sneakers - it's all right!).
Cut out two large wings in the cardboard, paint in black and attach them to the back of your child with string.
Rest the fly effect, thanks to the accessory: the sunglasses on which you will have glued the adhesive for the decor side!

In felt or crepe paper, the strawberry (Alice)

Pantyhose, leotard, bodysuit, sweater ... glean all that you find, it will be perfect for the strawberry as it is red and bulging on the body, green and sticky on the limbs ...
It remains to create a small collar, it will be stronger in felt (as in the photo), but faster to make crepe paper.
If you do not want to make the hat, you can take a hat! But then again, some green Madam mom!

The moon fish (Léa)

Here is a nice make-up idea for your princess.
An idea made with paraben-free makeup Grim'tout.

Ultra fast beaver (Noah)

You need: a hoodie, a little makeup (black and white), a gray, brown or black jog or a wool tights ...
Tighten the cords of the hood of the sweatshirt, brush a little black on the end of your child's nose.
Draw with black and white makeup on the chin and lips of false teeth ... and your star to take the beaver pose!
The small +: with felt, you can also make two small round ears and a large spatula-shaped tail that you sew to the sweatshirt and pantyhose.

Karate Kid! (Timothy)

A pretty blue and black make-up, a scarf on which you will have painted a red circle tied on the forehead ... Banzai!
An idea made with paraben-free makeup Grim'tout.

Here pretty ladybug! (Pauline)

A little black and red makeup, a bike helmet in the same colors and it rolls!

Clown head! (Noah)

Let your imagination speak ...

Pretty butterfly (Megane)

A little makeup and that's a nice butterfly!