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We read and re-read Goldilocks and the three bears ...

We read and re-read Goldilocks and the three bears ...

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Goldilocks ... we love it! Here are two recent versions of this tale very popular with children. To savor one after the other ... (News 13 and 14/03/10)

First a classic version of Goldilocks, from 3 years old

  • Goldilocks and the three bears, by Jan Brett. Your child does not know the story well yet? Opt for this beautifully illustrated classic version: Once upon a time, three bears - a toddler, a medium and a huge one - lived in a small wooden house. One day when they had gone for a walk, a little girl ventures into their house ... If this atypical tale that ends neither well nor badly seduces your toddler, it is because it speaks to him of something that he is just starting to develop: respect for others. This little bitch of Goldilocks touches everything, jostle just like your little curious! In addition, the text also orders the elements: the big first, the medium after, and the toddler ... Very reassuring!
  • Ed. Gautier Languereau, Les Petits Gautier collection, 5,20 €.

Then an original version, from 5 years

  • Another story, by Anthony Browne. Yes, another story because in this version of Anthony Browne, there are two points of view! On the right page the little bear tells that one day when the porridge was too hot, they went for a walk. His dad, his mom and him. Back home, they realize that the front door is open ...
  • On the left pageIt's a different story, and without words this time! A little blonde girl seems bored, in a gray city ... She follows a balloon, gets lost and enters a house ... An exciting album that invites your child to ask questions: why this little girl leaves? Did she fight with her mom? But thanks to the illustrations, he will know a little more than Little Bear who would like to know also the story of the little girl. He sees her find the warm arms of her mom!
  • Ed Kaleidoscope, 15 €.

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