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We sing nursery rhymes!

We sing nursery rhymes!

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Am stram gram, Dodo the child do or Let's walk in the woods ... your child loves them so much these small formulas removed ... What a joy to rediscover them with him. Here are three albums to keep at your fingertips!

Nursery rhymes to sing together, from 18 months

  • Pippin apple, A hen on a wall, I like the cakeFrankly, for only € 10.50, this album offers a great selection of great classics, illustrated with warmth by Hervé Le Goff. The CD is a bit monotonous even if it mixes voices of women, men and children ... But listen to it to find the air: then, it is you who sing with your little one!

Comptines de France for the little ones, ed. Flammarion, The Albums of Father Castor, 10.50 .

Nursery rhymes to play together, from 3 years

  • No CD this time to remember the music! But whatever ! Among these 105 nursery rhymes, there are many like Boat, scissors or So make font do you know by heart! For others, they can recite ... They have one thing in common: they are all particularly short and each of them is accompanied by a commentary on its history and the right way to sing it. For example, we like, like walking song a little military, this nursery rhyme to go to the table:
  • " In front, the big belly!
  • Stand all along the wall,
  • Let the little bellies pass
  • To look for jams! "

All my favorite rhymes, ed. Nathan, € 12.90.

Nursery rhymes for laughing word games, from 5 years old

  • "Do re mi fa cho, chi do, hurry an owl that sings high ..." Of course this little collection of nursery rhymes teaches us not to fall asleep ... Funny texts with illustrations just as funny, to "chuchuinter" to your child joker.

Rhymes to avoid falling by Pierre Coran, ed. Casterman, 6 .

Agnes Barboux

7 rhymes to share: our videos.


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