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Our knitting patterns 2009

Our knitting patterns 2009

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Have you fallen for the 27 knitwear models featured in the March 2009 issue or do you want to discover them? Our explanations for playing needles and making soft outfits.

1. Pink tunic

Do you fall for the retro? You will love this tunic in pure silk. Refined details: its neckline is lined with a hook row and its yoke is underlined with a grosgrain ribbon.

The explanations.

2. Gray panties

Slightly puffy with her legs lined with a contrasting color line, these panties adopt the romantic style. She is knitted in jersey place in a pure silk thread.

The explanations.

3. Pink panties

Bloomer style is the comfortable and chic panty of all babies. It is knitted in stocking jersey and the waist is tightened by a flat elastic. Easy going, she is pure cotton.

The explanations.

4. Blue panties

With its neat finishes this simple panties are not lacking in style. It is knitted in a soft thread, pure silk. Two rows of rice stitches in the bottom of the legs make all its charm.

The explanations.

5. Flanged slippers

Too cute pastel duo slippers with their small flange closed by a mother-of-pearl button. We propose them in pink and blue but why not decline them on all the tones.

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