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The company nursery, a good idea?

The company nursery, a good idea?

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The company nursery, you've heard about it. The principle: some companies offer to accommodate the children of their employees in nurseries provided for this purpose. A mode of care in development.

What is the principle of the company nursery?

  • A company, or group of companies, creates a crèche or finances places in a crèche between companies, close or not to the company. This system is on the rise.

What are the advantages of this type of care?

  • It's very good to continue breastfeeding your baby. Impeccable too if you are worried parents: you are not far away and you can have a minimum of control over what is happening. Some company crèches fit the schedules of their employees, with a wide opening-closing range. A folder to buckle? No problem.

What are the disadvantages of the corporate nursery?

  • Do not the universe mix too much? You can meet your supervisor in a place that, a priori, is a bit of a family intimacy. Some may feel it as an encroachment on their freedom.
  • Attention to the mix of genres: if seeing your child in the day reassures you, this is not always the best way to win.
  • Transportation can also be a problem! If you work away from home, this disadvantage must be put in the balance. Think about the strike days or where you will be traveling: who will leave your baby at the nursery?

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