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My child does not want to fall asleep at night. What to do ?

My child does not want to fall asleep at night. What to do ?

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"My 2-year-old child refuses to go to bed", "He does not want to fall asleep alone anymore", "He gets out of bed, comes to meet us and cries if we are a bit stubborn ..." Why your child, who had until now a peaceful sleep, change of habits?

Your child grows up, and when he comes home after a day at the nursery or at the kindergarten assistant, he is happy to find his room, his toys, to spend time with you. It is understandable that he does not want to go to bed and do a little resistance.

  • Prepare him then quietly to go to bed. Nothing is more annoying for the child busy playing than the order suffers to leave everything behind. You tell him: "In 5 minutes, you go to bed." When you return, you are firm in your decision.
  • It's time to go to bed: surround your child with calm. Respect his habits: soft music, song, little story, presence of the blanket, night light, door ajar ... The same scenario that is repeated every night gives him the assurance that at the alarm clock everything will be the same.
  • Once the child is in bed, he should not get up again, it is a habit to take, otherwise all the excuses will be good to return: "I'm too hot", "I'm thirsty", I I'm afraid "...
  • And do not threaten the child with putting him to bed if he is not obedient. This makes sleep a punishment while it must be a good time.

But sometimes, the bedtime turns to drama. Why ?

  • There are several reasons for this: a change of habit, a few busy days that lead to annoyance.
  • But also, at this age, every child becomes aware that he is alone in his bed, while his parents are two and he tries to separate them; it is the beginning of the entry into a complex period (the oedipal period) where he lives a difficult situation, with a little loneliness and distress, a little envy and rivalry.
  • You can explain this to him quietly at a relaxed time of the day. Tell him that parents are together in the evening, that's how it is; that all children go through this period because they are growing up and it is good to grow up. Does he want a little light that he can turn on and off by himself within reach of his hand? Does he want a new plush for "big" or a new pajamas or nightgown to choose together?
  • We must not get upset: children need their parents to be calm, quiet, confident in their decisions, and always very kind by bringing them back to bed each time.

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