Month 3 in utero: from embryo, he becomes fetus

Month 3 in utero: from embryo, he becomes fetus

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With all its organs in place, the embryo is now called fetus. This third month is used to develop his musculoskeletal system. His face is becoming better and better and the sexual organs are differentiated ... even if the ultrasound can not yet see them with certainty.

Objective movements

  • Muscles appear en masse, first and foremost at the nape of the neck. And for good reason: the bulky head of your baby is still half his size and forms a right angle with his body: he has a real need for help to overcome it! With the formation of a large bundle of cervical muscles, it is done.
  • In parallel, the cartilages begin to ossify. The clavicle is one of the first bones to harden.
  • He is fidgeting ! Even if you do not feel it yet (Its members are too small to touch the uterine wall), your toddler does not hesitate to do some slaps.
  • It is about reflex movements that it does not control. This agitation is very useful: the wall in contact with which the fetus is, the amnion, can be toxic if it stays stuck for too long. By moving, it emerges. This motor activity also allows a harmonious development of muscle spindles. So good gymnastics!

Side of the face, what changes

  • The face is becoming better and better. Above all, he organizes his protections so that the different senses can develop well under cover. Eyelids grow but remain closed, protecting the growing eyeball. A membrane partitions the nostrils. A plug closes the ears which for now have the appearance of two blisters. At this point, your toddler lives in a kind of opacity.
  • The end of the first quarter also rhymes with the preparation of the speech function: formation of the tongue and palate, opening of the larynx, draft of the vocal cords.
  • Teeth appear in the form of a large semicircular blade, at the top and at the bottom of the jaw, where two rows of buds, those of the deciduous teeth and those of the definitive teeth, coexist from the beginning.Some hairs start to appear on his face. Soon, they will cover his whole body. Your future baby will get rid of this curious hair, called lanugo, only shortly before its release.

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