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Congenital dislocation of the hip: to watch for

Congenital dislocation of the hip: to watch for

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Every year, 8,000 babies are born with an unstable hip problem or congenital dislocation of the hip. Fortunately, good monitoring and simple measures can quickly resolve this small anomaly. The explanations of our specialist.

When do you watch a baby's hips?

  • As soon as she is in the maternity ward, every newborn baby undergoes two pediatric exams. Then, every month, he is seen again by a GP or a pediatrician. Each time, her hips are examined to detect a possible instability. Unfortunately, the diagnosis remains difficult in two thirds of cases.
  • When the specialist has a presumption of unstable hip (also called luxable) or when there is a family history, he can help with additional examinations such as ultrasound (before the age of 3 months) and radiography (at from 4 months).

Are there babies at higher risk than others?

  • Some children are actually potential carriers of an unstable hip: those born by the siege (3% of births), those who have undergone a late version (we tried by external manipulations to cause a repositioning of the baby upside down, to avoid a delivery by the seat), babies with a congenital torticollis or with abnormalities of the knee.
  • Sex is also a risk factor. There are, in fact, about six girls concerned for a boy, because of the greater flexibility of the female joints.
  • Finally, anything that limits the movements of the future baby in the womb is likely to induce a malposition of the legs and consequently a dislocation: a multiple pregnancy, lack of amniotic fluid and primiparity (a woman who expects a first baby has a more invigorating uterus, so narrower).

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