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The umbilicus, an area to watch

The umbilicus, an area to watch

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Your baby's umbilicus is a fragile area that can take a long time to heal. Watch him closely to prevent him from becoming infected.

The problem

At birth, the midwife "clamps" the umbilical cord with a small forceps. This allows the fibrous tissue of the cord to become necrotic: the cord loosens, then falls on average between the sixth and the tenth day. The cicatrization that takes place around the seventeenth day is delicate. It can drag in length and cause an infection.

Who disturbs it?

  • You. You do not like to handle this little piece of flesh too much. Infected or poorly healed, the umbilicus is not always pretty to look at and you are afraid of hurting it. Rest assured, your baby feels nothing: the umbilicus is devoid of nerves.

The umbilicus oozes

Once the cord has fallen, there persists a small piece of flesh called a fleshy bud. It is seen in the bottom of the umbilicus by folding it. It is not dry and a little liquid flows out, it oozes. Rest assured, it's benign.

  • What has to be done. With a small stick, your pediatrician will apply some silver nitrate to the bud and its base to accelerate healing. This care can only be done by a specialist: used in the wrong place, on healthy skin, silver nitrate could burn. In general, healing is fast.
  • If the bud persists, the application can be renewed.

The umbilicus bleeds

When the umbilicus begins to bleed, it means that the forceps has not sufficiently tightened this little piece of flesh.

  • What has to be done. The pediatrician will direct you to the hospital for a new forceps to be placed. This visit will also help rule out a bleeding disorder.

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