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The little ears

The little ears

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"Thomas was sitting on his little wooden chair and was bored, and in front of him his grandpa was reading his newspaper enjoying the calm and the sun ..." Let yourself be taken to the mountains with this story full of poetry. The little ears, who is it?

  • Thomas sat on his little wooden chair and was bored. In front of him, his grandpa read his newspaper enjoying the peace and the sun. It was the boy's first vacation with his grandparents in the mountains.
  • His mamy told him to read a story, but Thomas said he knew them all. She had the idea of ​​making a cake, but Thomas was not hungry. How much he missed mom and dad!
  • Grandpa decided to take Thomas for a walk to admire the landscape. They took a path along a river, but Thomas was dragging his feet. When, all of a sudden, he heard a whisper.
  • "Little ears, lift this branch so I can save myself!"
  • Thomas looked left, then right, nothing. He leaned over a bush and saw a little white rabbit trapped in a branch.
  • "Grandpa!" He called. But the latter was too busy scrutinizing the birds with his binoculars. Thomas, though surprised, lifted the branch and watched as the rabbit went away and thanked him for it. On the way back, Thomas questioned his grandfather.
  • "Grandpa, do animals know how to talk?"
  • "A legend that old shepherds tell, says that only children with young and curious ears can hear what animals have to say, they are" little ears ".
  • From that day Thomas was no longer bored. He tirelessly roamed the mountain paths, opening his eyes and ears, listening to the chamois, the marmots, and the grasshoppers, discussing near the streams.

A story written by Marion Vanessa, Istres (13)

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