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Mandalas, your toddler will love that!

Mandalas, your toddler will love that!

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In Sanskrit, mandala means "circles". Their geometric shapes and their sacredness fascinates your little one. In addition, they are so pretty when you color them ... To make your own or digging ready to color.

Make yourself a mandala

  • "It's mom who does ..." because you need a compass and it's not your toddler who will handle it!
  • On a piece of Canson paper, draw a large circle and, inside, several other circles.
  • Create geometric shapes by hand or compass. Dial a few rosettes, and voila!
  • Show your child the regularity of shapes. Now he can color the yellow circle, the green circle, then the blue ...


From 4 years: Magic Mandalas

  • This notebook is composed of 15 pre-cut mandalas. On the left page is the template. On the right, the mandala to draw and color with the circular stencil and its 20 patterns.
  • Editions Fleurus, 6,90 €.
  • Where to find it?

From 4 years old: Mandalas Animals, I am the strongest!

  • Flowers, birds, bees ... they are particularly pretty these mandalas. Your little one must color them as on the model at the bottom of the page ... or as he wants!
  • Editions Two Roosters of Gold, € 4.95.
  • Where to find it?

From 5 years: Drawings and coloring pages, patterns

  • Waves, spirals, patterns ... full of coloring forms in this mini-book. A pocket size easy to take away.
  • Editions Usborne, 11,20 €.
  • Where to find it?

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